Monobloc Clean Rooms

Monobloc Clean Room Partitioned

The needs for a Clean Room are many and varied, and we at Alpha Industrial are pleased to have a long and successful history in such an arena.

Whether your needs are a fully controlled and marshalled installation for;-

1 Chemical experimentation and production
2 Clean engineering and assembly
3 Clutter free environment to improve production

Alpha’s partitioning and related materials and expertise are able to supply install and recommend an option of systems and management regime to supply the best solution for your environment.

The first step along this trail is to call in the experts at Alpha Industrial to investigate the best way forward.

Call 01548 852000, and we’ll be pleased to take the matter to the next stage.

Next Step

Next Steps:
To discuss the optimum solutions for the needs of your business, contact us:

01548 852000

Things to Consider

Walk on Ceilings; Smooth Walls and Windows; Door interlocks.

Economic and Efficient Air filtration; Power Controls and Lighting

Benches; Conveyors; Flooring; Static Safe Containers and Bench Tops, Stainless Steel Furniture.