Retail Units

Retail space has a proven cost per square metre. Alpha Industrial regularly provides fully installed Mezzanine Floors at competitive rates, proving that they can pay for itself from day one when purchased within a finance package.

If a retail floor space earns £X/m2 and a Raised Sales Area costs £X-Y/m2 what is the answer?

Order a mezzanine floor from Alpha Industrial QED.

Achieve more profit from existing premises with minimum upheaval.
Such an installation may be purchased through a Lease Purchase agreement, to allow for the floor to pay for itself from day 1.

Next Step

Next Steps:
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Choice of Handrails

Whether it's just for practical purposes, or making a style statement Alpha are pleased to be able to offer a range of designs to suit your premises.

Supporting Legs

Although necessary, it is most important to make sure that the clear spans are best suited for your purposes, and activities on the ground floor below. The most efficient costing works with a 3.5m x 4m clear span between legs, although 12m+ can be achieved if clear space is required at ground floor level.

Means of Access

Single Flights of Industrial Stairs; Double Width Steps with Carpeting; Invalid Personnel Lifts; Goods Lifts; Scissor Lifts; Fire Escapes; Choice of Conveyors and Pallet Gates

Why Alpha

Alpha has a long and successful history of installing a vast selection of Raised Storage Platforms and Mezzanine Floor the length and breadth of the country, and also into Europe in recent years.

Working within the parameters set within Construction Design and Management, Alpha works with the customer to ensure that the end result proves to be a benefit to the users, for many years to come, with minimum upset to the working environment whilst on site.

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