About Alpha Industrial

Alpha Industrial has functioned since 1984 as a supplier and installer of a wide range of goods related to the Storage and Handling side of industry, to a very varied list of clients.

The home area of Devon Cornwall Somerset and Dorset has proved a steady market to build and maintain good trading relationships over the years, however in recent times Alpha has built on a small range of corporate business chains, supplying their storage and office needs as they have needed to develop and change as required by modern trends and legislation.

Mega Growth

Alpha's major claim to a new level of growth came about when we were commissioned with a contract to move the storage operations of part of Acer Computers from Plymouth to an area in S.W. Poland.
The new venue was the size of two football pitches, and our responsibility was to fit out the complete operation from Goods In, Pallet Storage, including forklift operations. Trolleys for Order Picking and Benches for Repair Operations, Packaging and Dispatch linked by conveyor, were all included within the brief, along with office and caged partitioning areas.
Alpha were pleased to have completed the work, including modifications, all within time and budget, due to excellent lines of communication, good supplier relations and quality products.

Whereas we look forward to repeating that sort of business, we are still pleased to cater for the day to day requirements of the small business and their need to have the occasional bay of shelving, and a few storage containers.

Alpha has not left the commercial base where it started business, but developed it’s standing in the industrial market, where it can compete to serve it’s customers to the best of their ability.